David L. Mendoza

Systems Analyst

Personal Profile

Producing quality software applications for over 15 years. Successfully managed, designed, developed, deployed, support and maintained numerous software applications for a variety of industries including manufacturing, health care and government.

Work Experience

Systems Analyst at LHC Group

2013 - 2024

Web application development. Languages used Asp.net C#, MVC4, Jquery, javascript, CSS, Web Api. Sql 2008.

Programmer Analyst at Lafayette Consolidated Government

2009 - 2013

Create requirement documents and application mockups. Design and create databases, stored procedures and web services. Design and create classes and data modeling. Windows forms or Web forms design and implementation. Report design and implementation. Application documentation and deployment. Languages used Asp.net, MVC4, Jquery, javascript, CSS, Web Services, Win32. Database design using sql 2005-2008. Reports created with crystal reports or html/css Deployment IIS7, Windows 2000 Servers.

Programmer Analyst at CBM Technology

2002 - 2009

Application life cycle development from requirements to deployment using winforms, asp.net Languages used VB.Net, Win32, Asp.net CSS, VB6, MSAccess, Sql2000, crystal reporting. Database design using MSAccess, Sql2000, mySql.

Programmer Analyst at Crossbow Software

2000 - 2002

Application life cycle from requirements to deployment, support and maintenance of product line Rehab Rx. Health care billing software for speech therapist. Language used VB6. Database design using MSAccess database

Programmer at Ezbis

1998 - 2000

Entry level maintenance using CBasic, VB5.

Applications Sample List

Inventory Systems - Purchase orders, inventory tracking with pda application, batch processing with pda application, mixing, loss tracking from scale application with RS-232, real time inventory updates, shipping and receiving. Batch process formulas integrated with a mysql database from web interface.

Real Estate - iPhone website for view housing market details, location mapping.

POS Inventory - Department budget tracking, point-of-sale serialized inventory barcode scanning system and database.

Pipe Matching - Pipe yard inventory tracking, Pda application connected to digital caliper for collecting pipe diameters through RS-232, synchronized data from pda back to Access Database.

Wrapper Application - Create file driven menu system and container for excel and html forms. Dongle security and automate CD distribution.

Menu Applications - Create data driven menu system and container for windows form and web form applications. LDAP security model for single sign-on entry. Application level security menu database.

Property Tax - Payment collection over website.

Group Insurance - Financial reporting application.

Random Drug Screen - Create random drug test selection from employee list, test tracking, notification letters, statistical reports.

Substance Abuse - Offender sentence tracking, class and payment tracking, statistical reports.

Rehab Rx - Patient information collection, electronic insurance claims processing, paper billing, reports and report generator

Key Skills

  • Micosoft .Net C#
  • Micosoft .Net VB
  • Micosoft .Net Asp-MVC4-Razor
  • Html, CSS
  • javascript, jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • all .net framework versions
  • windows and web forms
  • jquery AJAX jquery-ui jquery-ui plug-ins
  • Sql 2000-2008 entity framework MySql MSAccess
  • VB.Net VB6 VB5 CBasic Pascal Microsoft C
  • Infragistics controls
  • Crystal Reports
  • Barcode pocket-pc rs-232 video capture

Sample Websites